Sultans of String on 09/27/14
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Sultans of String on 09/27/14

Sultans of String- family concert! 

For the Kids!
“Canada is a real meeting place of musical influences from around the world,” says Sultans of String’s violinist Chris McKhool. His passion for exploring rhythms and melodies has also led him to the far corners of the world, collecting instruments and styles everywhere he went. “At the same time, we tell uniquely Canadian stories, and put forth our vision of the world as one family.” In this spirit, Sultans of String thrill their audiences with their global sonic tapestry of Spanish Flamenca, Arabic folk, Cuban rhythms, East Coast Celtic, and Gypsy-jazz, celebrating musical fusion and human creativity with warmth and virtuosity while bringing audiences to their feet!
JUNO Award nominees/CFMA winners Sultans of String includes musicians who have performed with Jesse Cook, Pavlo, The Chieftains and Chantal Kreviazuk. Performances include BBC Television, Irish National Radio, SiriusXM in Washington, CBC’s Canada Live, Birdland Jazz Club in NYC, and education shows with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thompson Hall.